Digital Marketing

Winning on the digital platform

A comprehensive digital marketing strategy includes having solid SEO/ASO, good visibility on social media, and a strong core narrative.
Content marketing and link-building are key to generating traffic. Whether you’re in e-commerce or in ride-hailing business, having a solid digital marketing plan is a must.
Target the right audience and build a moving story to complete the picture.

SEO: Better ranking on search engines

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an optimization process that can massively grow your online traffic. Effective SEO delivers more visibility, thus more visitors → higher potential for lead conversion. SEO is a deep-dive analysis into every aspect of your website ranging from its name to the keywords and general content. It aims at increasing conversation rate in your funnel by placing a strong focus on link-related topics. SEO is also a very cost-efficient online channel. Its ROI is hard to match if compared to costly paid advertising campaigns. This optimization process has been gaining ground as businesses are gearing steadily towards organic long-term growth.
We provide Onsite and Offsite SEO services, so your company's services and solutions have local and potentially global visibility.

Boost online visibility and grow your traffic

ASO: More visibility in app stores

More than 60% of apps get discovered from app stores. So, if you don’t show up, you don’t make it. App Store Optimization (ASO) is an optimization strategy which aims at improving your application’s rank on your smartphone’s application store. The higher your rank, the more your app shows.
ASO boosts app views and delivers a high conversation rate by improving many key factors. With more app views, a solid ASO plan can increase the number of downloads. At WaysMaze, our ASO process has consistently delivered higher conversation rates.
With the right metrics, ASO can grow organic traffic and maximize potential downloads.
Nearly 85% of smartphone apps are “Zombie apps.” Don’t become one.

Improve your app ranking and boost total downloads

Content Marketing & Brand Development

Got stuck on websites with scrolling that never seems to end?
That’s what we avoid. Cohesive communication is key.
Lead-generating content with a comprehensive strategy yields great results.
Brands that connect with their customers win the most. A story is the perfect way to do that. Every company needs a strong brand which customers can feel a connection with. At WaysMaze, we don’t just work on the WHAT.
We go further into the value proposition of your brand. What problem do you intend to solve? HOW does this benefit customers in their daily life? What’s the added value for them? A well-defined answer to the HOW enables us to position the brand well.
True success is achieved when your ideal customers can resonate with your WHY.

We craft a strong narrative that delivers traffic
and build stories that give customers a reason to choose your brand

Social Media Strategy:
Building an army of followers

There are over 3 Billion active users on social media. If you want to launch a social media campaign just because competitors are on social media, then your campaign needs a better strategy. Being active on social media can have multiple benefits including boosting brand awareness, increasing customer engagement, generating new leads, building a community and obtaining reviews & feedback.
Customers don’t buy something they just like, they buy something they understand. Online influencers can have a huge impact in building a community around your brand. Build a successful campaign on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube…. And watch your traffic grow.

Boost your visibility on social media


Tailor-made for you!

Creating organic growth is a step towards your long-term success in digital marketing
Focus on building the right customer database and reap the benefits tomorrow
It’s worth the investment

We provide a complete Digital Marketing strategy, well suited for your budget.
Work with us and see how we exceed expectations

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"The biggest thing I can tell you is that you have to make as much content as possible"
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