Artificial Intelligence

Machines and robots are learning fast
Implementing these AI methodologies can streamline your business

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is making its way into our daily life. It’s everywhere.
AI is also changing the way we do business. It is affecting large corporations, just as much as smaller ones.
Companies in various industries are seeing the benefits of integrating AI at the core of their business.

Machine Learning: A growing subset of AI

Machine Learning (ML) is the science of training machines to perform human tasks and understand Big Data. This is briefly how it works:
Complex, unorganized, granular data is inputted → different algorithms are tested → ML identifies patterns and organizes the data and provides meaningful feedback.
ML can do this without you directly asking. ML can deliver valuable data in an unsupervised manner. It enables software to evaluate stock markets, read MRI scans, and drive cars - based on data input.
So, which industries can benefit from ML?
Finance, healthcare, IoT, logistics, e-commerce, Blockchain, automotive, and many others.

Integrate ML at the core of your business

Automate standard work with RPA
Leave decision-making to us

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is the subset of AI whereby robotic software automates common human work. The technology is gaining rapid worldwide attention for its multiple benefits such as increased productivity, faster delivery, higher accuracy, efficient work process and lower costs.
Simply put, time-consuming tasks are completed by software while strategic decisions are done by humans. Also, RPA ensures zero-error because of its robotic nature and is 20x faster than humans.
Most importantly, it allows us to focus on the primary need: our customers.
With the extra time provided by automation, we have more time to address growing needs of the market. Better strategy means better sales. RPA enables you to get there.
Every business can benefit from the advantages of automation.
It’s estimated that 85% of large-scale companies will be using some form of RPA by 2022. Don’t be late.

Automate your business operations with RPA

NLP: Teaching computers our language

Voice recognition software such as Amazon Alexa and Apple Siri, showcase great examples of Natural Language Processing (NLP). Essentially, human language is translated into data which later triggers an action.
Commonly referred to as "smart analytics", NLP enables natural communication between humans and machines. It deciphers human queries into data by means of communication. For instance, think of chatbots. Why call customer service, when a chatbot can provide you with the same answer just as easily and much faster.
Companies build data from customers’ key needs, and vice versa, customers get the results they need via human communication to software. NLP provides a win-win situation for both.

Improve customer satisfaction with NLP


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"AI is the most powerful technology available to mankind today and the biggest mistake anyone can make is to ignore it.
Leaders of nations and business alike are seeing both the magnitude of opportunities AI brings and the risks of being left behind in the AI goldrush."

(Bernard Marr - Artificial Intelligence In Practice)