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One of the main benefits of smart homes is that they consume energy more efficiently. By using smart plugs, your home devices can reduce unnecessary electricity consumption. Heating/cooling systems can be optimized to maximize your energy savings. Depending on settings and adaptation, savings can reach up to 35%.

Save more with smart devices

What’s the purpose of having a smart home if you’re not making real savings? This is not about closing the water tap tighter or turning the lights off more frequently.
Smart homes enable you to save energy when you’re asleep and even if you’re away from home.
This is achieved by managing the thermostat in an optimal way, stopping water leaks, turning off light bulbs kept on, stopping unnecessary electricity going through dormant plugs and more.

Monitor your monthly savings on your app

Smart homes enable you to get useful insights on your daily consumption. This large amount of data is translated in a seamless way on your phone so you can understand which appliances consume the most energy.
You can get full specs regarding your water and electricity consumption per appliance, the energy consumption split by day, week, or month and the savings performance vs. last month or on Month-To-Date (MTD) basis.
Truthfully, energy efficiency is good for the environment, it’s good for you, actually it’s good for everyone! Smart homes are a great start to your path for sustainability. Make every hour “Earth hour.”

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"13% of water that goes into our homes is lost due to leaks; that's millions of gallons a year."
(Gabriel Halimi)