Discovering Smart Homes

Technology is making life easier and smarter, even in your very home

Everyone is getting busier. But just how many of us know that smart homes can add tremendous convenience and actually save us a lot of effort?
Many still do not know what exactly smart homes can do, how does automation really work, and what are the advantages of device interconnectivity.
“Living Smart” is here to introduce the world of smart homes. It’s a brief and simple explanation of all the amazing things home automation can do for you and the benefits it can bring to your daily life.

Understanding smart homes

So what makes a smart home smart?
Simply put, in a typical smart home, smart devices "talk to each other" to perform a task on your behalf. Breakthroughs in technology have enabled smart devices to communicate with one another. This process called home automation allows you to perform certain operations in your house, such as dimming the lights, turning on the TV, adjusting the house temperature and much more simply through your smartphone or via voice command.
Innovations in technology made devices so interconnected that smart homes go beyond automation. Today, key aspects of smart homes are increased security and enhanced home entertainment solutions. In addition, a major benefit that smart homes bring about is reduced energy consumption.
Powered by the Internet of Things (IoT) technology, today’s smart homes can simplify and automate your everyday life at home. Devices such as smart hubs and voice assistants work together to facilitate life at home.

How can home automation improve my day to day life

Smart homes enable you to take greater control of your house, and thereby manage certain aspects of your daily life in a better way. Moreover, having interconnected smart devices can even prevent dangerous situations from arising.
Some key advantages of home automation include stopping gas/water leaks, reducing energy waste, having the ability to lock/unlock your door remotely and much more. These are just some of the features that make smart home truly smart. The real benefits of home automation range from increased convenience to enhanced daily homelife experience.

All about smart homes

Discover the seamless and easy home life with voice command, smart hubs, and voice assistants that make living smart a next-level experience.

Save up to 35% on energy consumption.
See how smart home devices consume energy much more efficiently.

Living smart can be beautiful, but privacy is key. Learn why home protocols protect your data better and how smart home devices boost security.

Understand why some smart devices just don’t work with each and learn some best practices to minimize device compatibility issues.

What's in it for you

This section is tailor-made for smart homes enthusiasts and for all those who wish to learn more about the smart home ecosystem. We explore the advantages of home automation and explain why smart homes can add value to your daily life.