Meet WaysMaze

Company overview

WaysMaze Technologies LTD is a technology company that provides innovative solutions and digital services ranging from Software Development to Immersive Reality and much more.

Finding our purpose

WaysMaze was created on the foundation of shared values: Ideas, People, and Passion. Smart solutions are changing the world and we want to be part of that change.
At WaysMaze, we believe that with enough discipline and persistence, even a small group of great people can make an amazing impact. This is why we strive to deliver out-of-the-box solutions that will improve the way we live and do business.

Building our company

Our M.O is very simple: Draft smart ideas, study their feasibility, and either "develop or delete" fast. Since launch, we have crafted multiple ideas and are pushing steadfast towards execution. A key principle we stress on is working with smart partners. Teaming up with startups and SMEs is one of the best ways to deliver great work. We partnered with agile teams who have a clear willingness to excel. They deliver brilliant work at great pace.

Developing our story

Every groundbreaking product, app or achievement has a story.
Our story began when three close friends started sharing ideas about innovative products that can make a real difference for the greater good. Eventually, these ideas came to life and WaysMaze was born.

Meet the founders

Peter Koueik

Founder & CEO

"In these constantly evolving times, technology became a part of our daily lives, shaping our future and drawing its different paths. From F&B, education to fashion, technology has become an essential contributing factor tailored to our everyday needs. I believe it will continue to do so for the future to come."

Karl Angelopoulos

Co-Founder & COO

"I always had a vision to lead a company where people have a genuine interest in working together, relentlessly driven by a common goal; And I intend to fulfill this vision in WaysMaze. We believe that IoT and Blockchain can be implemented responsibly. The future is embedded in AI and data. Let’s make it a smart one."

Work together, grow together

Teaming up with the right partners creates exceptional outcomes. Working with outstanding individuals who are trying to make a real difference is not only a pleasure, but a learning experience. We grow together and solidify our partnership overtime. At WaysMaze, we like to work with experts in the fields of Technology & Media. We look for trustworthy partners who are capable of delivering exceptional work and are able to take decisions quickly.

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