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Technology That Makes Business Easier And Life Smarter

A smarter future for everyone

WaysMaze was established on the basis of "WHY", not just on a "HOW" and a "WHAT".
We believe the world is transforming driven by breakthroughs in technology, and every one of us has a right to take a part in this transformation.

"Technology is now acting like a big labyrinth of interconnected possibilities that can provide solutions to all sorts of problems in a multitude of sectors. This beautifully emerged maze of solutions in a world of digital transformation led me to create what matters the most; A tech company with a sole purpose: To provide ways for a smarter future and change the way we live. This is how WaysMaze came to be."
Peter Koueik - Founder and CEO

WHY we do what we do

Today, many businesses are facing unprecedented challenges. Social distancing has forced many companies to shift their entire business operation to the digital platform. Speed and flexibility are now a must. Distribution channels are evolving from brick and mortar to e-commerce; Print Marketing & BTL are shifting to digital marketing. Simply put, upgrading to a digital ecosystem has become the norm. We are ready to assist you in your journey.

HOW we do it


We align on objectives and set smart metrics


We agree on a solution tailored for your needs


We deliver with excellence and make sure you are fully satisfied

Our Vision & Mission

"To change the way we live"
We aspire to make a difference in the way people live and do business through innovative solutions that add value to the everyday life.

"Crafting amazing ideas with inspiring people and relentlessly pushing to make it happen"
The technology revolution has created a wealth of opportunities which we should all benefit from. It is our core belief that everyone should have access to smart solutions.
We strive to make a difference and fulfill our passion.


We help you grow your business in the age of Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation

Discover how the IoT and Blockchain technologies will bridge the gaps of today and transform the world of tomorrow.

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Business Analytics

Uncover hidden opportunities with Data Science and turn accumulated data into actionable insights to make better strategic decisions.

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Artificial Intelligence

AI is taking over the business world. Explore the benefits of integrating ML, RPA, and NLP technologies in your business operation.

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Software Development

A positive user experience delivers customer satisfaction. See why UI/UX is at the core of successful software – be it an app, a website, or an ERP.

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Digital Marketing

The 5 P's is the Marketing of yesterday. Today it’s all about your story; Quality content and social media following that deliver organic traffic.

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Online Advertising

Paid advertising can boost awareness fast. Develop well calculated PPC & SEM strategies that deliver a positive ROI.

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Immersive reality & 3D

Customers want to engage with their brand. See how VR/AR/MR and Motion Graphics animate your brand to deliver next-level customer experience.

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Living Smart

In today’s ever-advancing world, technology has propelled interconnectivity and sustainability to previously unimaginable levels. The digital transformation has enabled us to live in a smarter way than ever before. From smartphones and smart TVs to smart hubs, Living Smart provides curated content about smart homes and how they change the way we live.